Digitally Strong Forward  

On the Button Services B.V. is going paperless.

The world is changing, learning and evolving.

And we are all rising up in a post covid-19 world where we need to create a new, better and more improved way of moving forward.

Moving forward and doing better is what we all want and need.

And for us, the brave entrepreneurs that wake up daily and strive to keep our businesses running and growing, we must evolve too.

So from now on forward Virtual Bookkeeping is how On the Button Services B.V. will keep providing you with our quality service.


Your CRIB Number is being requested

As of January 2019 the Curacao government has made it mandatory for all employees to report their personal CRIB number to their employer. It is required by law from the employer add the their employees CRIB number to the employee’s Payroll.

For this reason On the Button Services B.V. hereby kindly request you to submit to us your personal CRIB number so we can add it to your Payroll and be in accordance with the government requirements.

Each CRIB number starts with the number 17 and is followed by seven (7) more numbers. So the CRIB number is a total of  nine (9) numbers

If you have submitted your Income tax return in the past, you can find your CRIB number listed on the tax return form you have recieved back from the tax office. Please copy the number and send it to us. Easy right!!

If you have never submitted your income tax return in the past than you can go to the tax office to request your personal CRIB number.
The CRIB number can be requested on the 1st floor of the tax office in the fast lane that you will see at your left as soon as you go up the stairs. You do not need to take a number for the fast lane. Just stand in line till it’s your turn.

Posted: January 2019

Profit tax

Did you know that the deadline for the profit tax return is June 30th?

Be on time with your yearly figures.

If in a case the deadline cannot be met, there is a possibility for an exemption till the end of the year.


If you paid profit tax over the previous year, you have to pay the same amount before the end of March of the current year.

If you expect that the profit in the current year will be lower than the previous year, you have to file a substantiated request for reduction before the 15th of March.


Posted: May 2018